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THIS SITE IS AN ARCHIVE OF "Certified Male" a journal of men's issues, published in the 1990s in Australia as a 40 page magazine. Topics covered include men's stories, men's rights, masculism, men and feminism, the men's movement, men's groups, fathers and fathering, parenting, boy's education, men's health, domestic violence, gender, relationships, family law, divorce, child support and custody, sexuality, discrimination, sex roles, gender politics and many other issues examined from a male perspective.

Editor: Peter Vogel

Notice: Certified Male is no longer being published. For information contact Peter Vogel

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March 1999 Edition


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March 1997 Edition

  • The task ahead Dr George Burkitt, President of the N.S.W. Men's Health and Wellbeing Assn. writes about his personal vision for the Association.
  • The Cotswold experiment Steve Biddulph looks at the benefits of single-sex classes for subjects where boys are doing poorly.
  • Our "political difficulty" Peter Vogel asks why we are so reluctant to confront the epidemic of male suicide, and suggests some ways we could better meet men's needs.
  • Doing the deal Richard Storch tells how homebirth contributed to the joy of welcoming his son to the world.
  • A father's grief Although psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg specialises in loss and grief, he was shocked to discover how little support was available to him when he experienced the loss of a child.
  • The Father Lode Phillip Dye explains why he is writing a book about becoming a father.
  • Magic moments Men talk about the magic children bring to their lives..
  • M.E.N. (Male empty nest syndrome) When the fledglings leave the nest, fathers grieve too, writes Warren Gray.
  • What do YOU do? Martin Wolterding grapples with the transition from breadwinner to full-time father.
  • A letter from one dad to another Being a step-father is no bed of roses, says John Kanowski.
  • Forgive and forget? An "access dad" explains why it's impossible for him to have a good relationship with his children's stepfather.
  • Doing things by halves Amanda Reid-Young sings the praises of shared parenting.
  • Last day of a respondent husband A day off work to meet the "primary care giver" in court.
  • Big changes When Neal Baudinette and his wife decided to separate, the welfare of their sons was their first concern.
  • Death and Children Adopting his first child at 40, Lee Goldberg wonders what sort of a world she will be inheriting from him.
  • Book Review - Man Maintenance Richard Fletcher reviews "Man Maintenance", by Jill Margo.
  • Somerville Cartoon The cartoon that launched a thousand divorces...

Spring 1996 Edition


Winter 1996 Edition


In this issue, some names have been changed to preserve privacy

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Five men write about their dads:

Winter 1995 edition.


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